Residential Services

Community Living Hamilton offers a variety of residential services to people over the age of 18.  Options include group homes, supported independent living and the Family Home program.

Group Homes  - a residential setting that accomodates clients with varying levels of independence. Group homes offer a safe home environment and give clients the opportunity to develop life skills while providing assistance in the management of their activities of daily living.  Clients particiapte in activities within their community that foster social inclusion and enhanced community participation.

Supported Independent Living  - support for individuals who live independently and require varying levels of assistance with finance management, medical conditions and appointments with the client's medical team, and healthy lifestyle choices.  Staff connect clients to community resources that foster the social development of relationship/friendship building and enhance their independent living skills.

Family Home program -  a client lives in a family's home for a long-term arrangement. Clients continue to develop daily living skills while receiving support and guidance from the host family.

For more information about residential services, please call the Hamilton Niagara Region Developmental Services Ontario office at 1-877-376-4674 or visit